• Pivotal Response Treatment® ( PRT®)

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)®

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is one of the best studied and validated behavioral treatment for autism and it was developed in the 70s by psychologists Robert Koegel, Ph.D., and Lynn Kern Koegel, Ph.D., at the University of California, Santa Barbara, which currently are, respectively, Clinical Director and Director of the Research Center at the Koegel Autism University of California Santa Barbara.

PRT ® is an intervention program based on the interests and initiative of children, youth and adults, created with the aim of developing four key / central areas of development: Motivation; The response to multiple stimuli; Self management and initiated self Replies. (there are now research on a fifth: Empathy). These are the areas of development that cause widespread changes and advances in the development of other areas, when properly stimulated.

PRT ® proves to be particularly effective and efficient in the development of verbal communication, imitation, joint attention, social interaction, play skills, academic skills and reducing disruptive behavior.

This two-day workshop and corresponding international certification provides parents, teachers and therapists, among others, a step by step approach based on evidence to teach new skills that are important for independent living.

Watch the presentation of the PRT conducted by Prof. Dr. Lynn Koegel: